Jan 1st 2015

The take-off point was the JCI Senator Tunde Oshobi’s Officers Training School (18th-21st December, 2014) where the baton was fully transferred to the 2015 Board that kicked off on January 1, 2015.  

Organised by the Directorate of Training and the National Secretariat of Junior Chamber International, Nigeria, the training which took place at Ikogosi Warmspring Resort, had three impactful training sessions. The first session held on Friday 19th Dec.2014. JCI Senator David Eka jnr. who represented Arrey Obenson, Acting Secretary General JCI, was the trainer. The second and third sessions held on Saturday, 20th Dec.2014. While JCI Senator Sunday Folayan was the trainer during the second session, the third session provided an opportunity for Board members to meet with past presidents of the Organisation and ask questions bordering them. 

As part of the outlined programmes, the Joint Board Meeting was held on Saturday, 20th December, 2014 at Ikogosi.  Chaired by 2014 National President, JCI Senator Saheed Adegoke, the Joint Board was an avenue through which 2014 Joint Board Members handed over to the 2015 Board Members. High point of the Joint Board Meeting was the handing over ceremony. At exactly 8:12pm, the 2014 National President handed over to the 2015 National President, Seun Osikalu. This gave the National President, the opportunity to Chair the meeting, and to discuss the Plan of Action of all Board Members. 

Attended by 21 BOD Members and 25 other participants, including Chapter Presidents and guests, the weekend also included lots of fun and site seeing as participants visited the poolside as well as the warm springs and other site attraction areas at Ikogosi. 

At the end of the training programme, National Officers were able to tap from the wealth of knowledge of the trainers and some past leaders of JCI Nigeria. The need to run projects using JCI Active Citizen Framework was re-affirmed, while Board Members were encouraged to clearly understand the levels of authority to enhance communication.

All 2014 and 2015 National Officers who arrived on Thursday 18th December, 2014, departed to their various places of abode on the 21st of December, 2014. Board members were motivated and they resolved to support and promote the 2015 presidential theme-XLR8>>>Moving Forward. Indeed, they are accelerating and moving JCI Nigeria forward. 

As we reflect on the Officers Training School, we strongly re-affirm that trainings serve as tools to equip leaders with requisite skills and knowledge to enable them surmount challenges, solve problems and stay focused while in leadership positions. 



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