Stewardship Report for the Month of MAY

Jun 2nd 2016

Dear Active Citizens,
I warmly welcome you all to the month of June which is half way into our 365days journey of sustainable impact; it also reminds us all that we still have a lot to achieve to deliver our set goals in 2016.
Fellow JCI Nigeria members, it is understandable that our focus on the preparation for the just concluded JCI Africa and Middle East conference may have reduced the long list of programs and projects compared to what we have had in the first four months of 2016, I believe we would seize the momentum in the month of June and achieve more in the second half of the year. I will not fail to recognize these Local organizations for their laudable project which impacted their communities in the month of May.
Mentor Mentee Scheme for secondary school in Ondo by JCI Ondo kingdom
Peace building and #Peaceispossible workshop by JCI JOS. 
Saveomotola by JCIN EKSU. 
Care4All by JCIN FUTA
JCI Nigeria Collaboration with NYSC in Lagos and Abuja Camp. 
JCI AKURE celebrates with children at Ondo State motherless baby home.

As we are all aware, during the 2015 National Convention, the General Assembly approved the composition of Executive Secretary recruitment committee which was saddled with the responsibilities to recruit a new executive secretary for our organization. In line with Article 7-2: EXCLUSIVE PREROGATIVES: The General Assembly shall have the exclusive prerogative to vote on any and all of the following matters:- (b) Approval of appointment of Executive Secretary, General Legal Counsel and Treasurer. The committee’s report was presented to the General Assembly represented by Local Presidents through mail ballot and it was approved. 
Fellow Active Citizen, it is my honor to present to you our new Executive Secretary JCIN. Amb Folakemi Olajiga. She would formally resume into office on Monday 6th June, 2016.
A functioning and well equipped secretariat with adequate, focused and motivated staffs is the engine room of every organization. Since we resumed into office in January, we have made the improvement of the national secretariat one of our main priority. We are calling on all passionate members, to visit the secretariat and support our efforts. We still need a number of items that will make the secretariat more conducive for staffs
AMEC 2016 has come and gone but the memory lingers with us forever. I must appreciate the support of everyone that made our outing and presence a huge success. Our leaders, Senators, Local Organization Presidents, Board members, members and friends, we appreciate your immense support.

Let me use this moment to celebrate our outstanding and eloquent participant at JCI AMEC speech contest, RITA ALUMONA. Your performance at the Africa biggest stage for oratory made us proud. We are all proud of you!
I congratulate the Collegiate Chairman and the entire members of the collegiate chapters on the success of the just concluded Collegiate Conference that was hosted by Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) Collegiate Jaycees.  
Earlier in the year, I was part of the high panel at the 2016 Global Appeal – THINK LEPROSY NOW program organized by NIPPON foundation, Tokyo. The program aimed to achieve social equality, human dignity, end to stigma and discrimination of people affected by leprosy. I am excited to inform you all that our request for partnership with NIPPON FOUNDATION has been approved. I look forward to sharing details of the implementation with members in the coming weeks.
In our effort to reposition our membership service and strengthen our impact as NGO through technology, we have received a donation of 5,000 User licenses of Office 365 from MICROSOFT, which is part of their cloud productivity offering. This is perhaps one of the biggest software donation by Microsoft in Africa and an estimated annual value of $480,000.
The office 365 E1 would help improve Team collaboration with the latest cloud technologies, like real-time tracking and multiple authoring on documents. JCI Nigeria will become paperless and we can have proper and secured records of our organization. The package will provide immense opportunity in the areas of professionalism and also offer to 5,000 JCI Nigeria Members customized business-class email ( The software has a rich and familiar Outlook experience which is accessible from desktop or from a mobile web browser using Outlook Web Application. The mailbox memory capacity is 50 Gigabyte mailbox per user with up to 150 megabyte attachment send attachments up to 150 MB. Once launched, the package  would enable us to hold virtual board meetings,video conferencing,instant messaging via our dedicated yammer site which is already < >. With yammer site ,we would be able to collaborate in a secured social network  portal to share information among members and project teams. JCI Nigeria can now host online meetings with audio, HD video, and web conferencing over the Internet.
Our Members are also going to benefit from ONEDRIVE FOR BUSINESS which gives each user up to 1 Terabyte of personal cloud storage that is remotely accessible and compatible  with PC/Mac for offline access. Each Member can create virtual Office which allows collaboration, document creation, editing and sharing of MS Word, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Excel documents from a browser which would put an end  to the risk associated  with the use of unlicensed software and applications.
I must sincerely appreciate Kola Osinowo, Executive Vice President Northwest for his relentless support throughout the process of our partnership meetings with Microsoft Nigeria. You made this happen for us all. Thank you.

In our effort to ensure efficient utilization of these tools, I am pleased to announce the inauguration of a technical project team to guide the deployment of these licenses immediately and set up our IT infrastructure within the next 3 Months. Members of the technical project team are as follows;
Kola Osinowo – JCI Eko
Ligali Oluwatosin - JCI Ikeja
Mosope Adefuye - JCI FUNNAB
Century Favour - JCI Abuja Unity
Stanley Nwosu - JCI Garden City
Adewale Salami - JCI Eko
We plan to sustain this pioneering partnership with Microsoft with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which would ensure continue use of the application.
We are also at the advanced stage with #MySchoolproject which is aimed at adopting and improving the facilities in public primary schools . The project would be driven by fund raising and donations to identified schools in all 36states of the country starting from July, 2016.  

I am pleased to announce to you that CISCO has approved 8 training centers across the country for our ICT partnership initiative for young people. The ICT empowerment project would be implemented in each of our district with the support of dedicated CISCO Academy support Center. All operational support for the successful implementation of this project would be provided by ASCs.
Our partnership with ANPA has been established and local organizations are advised to take advantage of it. Our partner has requested for projects and programs proposal in the following areas:
1.   Campaign on effect of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)
2.      Smoking Cessation
3.      Cancer Prevention,
4.      Detection and Early Intervention
5.      Malaria Control and Prevention
6.      Maternal health.
All Local Organizations that intends to carry out project in any of the identified areas should liase with the National secretariat immediately.
There is no victory half way in a race, so, we must strengthen our resolve, keep our eyes on our set goals without wavering and continue the best work of life necessary to provide peace in our world. I have strong conviction in our capacity to exceed our set goals if we remain steadfast to this noble task of achieving sustainable impact.
In the midst of all the uncertainties in our world today, we must not give up our ideals of brotherhood, enterprise and service to humanity. Let us hold firm to the enduring vision of our founding father of creating positive change in our world.
I reaffirm my belief #peaceispossible!
Warm regards
Olatunji Oyeyemi
2016 President JCI Nigeria
Presidential Theme - Sustainable Impact
Junior Chamber International, Nigeria
No. 28 John Olugbo St, Off Mojidi St,
Toyin St-Ikeja, Lagos.
+234 8034943779, 8180212864
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