‎National President Arrived Safely In Kenya

Aug 24th 2016

‎Dear Active Citizens, The National President JCIN Amb. Tunji Oyeyemi has arrived in Nairobi, Kenya for the 2016 Youth Led African Development Summit.   The purpose of this event is to provide a platform for young leaders of the region to develop a vision for community development across Africa and clearly define and commit to the role of young people in advancing this vision.    The Tokyo International Conference of African Development (TICAD) was launched in 1993 by the Government of Japan, to promote Africa’s development, peace and security, through the strengthening of relations in multilateral cooperation and partnership, particularly with the country.  A few representatives of the Youth Led African Development Summit will be selected in advance to extend their stay and attend the Tokyo International Conference of Africa’s Development to present the outcomes of the Summit and the commitment of Africa’s young leaders to the development of their region.    This is a distinguished event that will feature regional experts and key note speakers, testimonials from heads of state, high level dialogue on regional issues, and concrete outcomes and expectations for action. All those selected to attend are expected to utilize the Summit experience and results toward organizing grass roots actions in their local communities, fostering participation of young people in policy making, and empowering the next generation of African leaders to lead in the development of their region. Event Dates:  August 24 – August 26, 2016  Tokyo International Conference of Africa’s Development August 27 – 28, 2016 Event Location Nairobi, Kenya  Event Venue Southern Sun Mayfair Nairobi‎. Let us all wish the National President a happy deliberation in Nairobi and a safe trip back home. Warm regards, JCI Nigeria Social Media Team No. 28 John Olugbo Str, Off Mojidi Str,Toyin Str., Ikeja, Lagos 2016 National President's Theme: Sustainable Impact


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