Sep 5th 2016

Daniel Iliyasu Lawrence joined the Junior Chamber International (JCI) in November 2005 starting off at JCI Kaduna. He went on to become the chapter Secretary 2006 due to his wholehearted engagement and appreciable contributions to the development of the local organization (LO). He sustained his active citizenship career at JCI Abuja Unity, when he finally relocated to the Federal Capital Territory in 2012. Where he helped to build the fledgling chapter into a strong LO, directly recruiting and establishing scores of members into the organization in his drive for growth and retention. He later became the Executive Vice President of the chapter in 2013, then rose to be the 2014 Chapter President. Daniel was elected National Vice President and was assigned to District D2 in 2015. Subsequently, he was appointed into the JCI-Nigeria 2016 Board as the Director of Growth and Development. An office he still hold swear, pursuing his desire to see JCI take root in all the frontiers States without the presence of the leading global network of young active citizens. The passionate trainer has attended and currently trains over eight (8) JCI official and recommended courses. Giving credence to his belief that "training is the greatest welfare any organization can give her people" and that investment in people is the foundation of sustainable development. He is also an alumnus of the 2013 Leadership Academy (Course 15), Awka, Anambra State. 2014 Topgun XVI, Abeakuta, Ogun State and 2016 Train The Trainer (03), Abuja, FCT. He has attended several national and international JCI conferences. Daniel, who was born on 4th June, 1977 in Kaduna, Kaduna State, attended the Kaduna Capital School for his primary education. Then he proceeded to Federal Government College, Ilorin for his secondary education. He later bagged a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from University of Abuja, and has a Masters of Science, Political Economy and Development Studies in view from his alma mater. He is presently domiciled in Abuja, FCT with his wife Joyce Azuma, a fellow JCI Member living along with their two kids Harnom and Simnom. Daniel has traveled extensively across Nigeria and abroad for both JCI and official activities, and he still work further afield away from home, where he never lets any opportunity to propagate JCI ideals slip by him


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