The Turning Point Agenda begins

Jan 1st 2017

Compliments of the Season and Happy New year to you all. It gives me great pleasure to address you today as the 2017 JCI Nigeria President.

We have worked hard to build our National Organization through the direct responsiveness and impact made by you all through our vibrant local Organizations taking action in their communities.

My sincere appreciation to all JCI Nigeria Presidents from 1957 to date. Worthy of note is JCI Ambassador Olatunji Oyeyemi for his excellent leadership and sacrifice in steering the affairs of our Organization that we are set to continue. I will also recognize JCI Senator Paschal Dike for spending the last 365 days representing our National Organization as JCI President.

A few hours ago, the 2016 National President Tunji Oyeyemi gave a sympathetic note on the loss of our member Benedicta Zangzee from JCI Nigeria Federal Polytechnic Bauchi on 30th December 2016. In April 2016, they had earlier lost a member Late George Morris in whose name an annual project was endowed. We pray that the Almighty God grant repose to the deceased and fortitude to the Family to bear this loss.

Our Organization is celebrating its 60 (Sixty) years of existence in Nigeria. Sixty years of Impact, Sixty years of Brotherhood and much more Sixty years of contributing to the development of our society. Looking back will make us appreciate our dear Organization and ourselves. Let us not linger on our inadequacies but celebrate the success we have achieved collectively over the years. Great leaders we have churned out in different realms of life that are contributing to the National development of our country Nigeria.

TURNING POINT is the promise I made and we shall collectively achieve this. The TURNING POINT wheel is to address pertinent and fundamental areas of what makes our Organization vibrant and unique. I can assure you that we know the issues to deal with and we shall together as a team, work hard to set a pace for the next generation to improve on.

The bedrock of a sound National Organization comprises of good values, Integrity, Friendship and most importantly a very good Secretariat. Collectively, we shall make right the wrongs in the system. It is very important that we bring back true friendship among members who serve for a common IMPACT.

Our National Organization has come to a point that we need to take decisive bold step to engage local Organizations to fulfill the aspirations of every member of the Organization in taking responsibility and becoming active citizens in their Communities. Our Structure is in place within the Board of Directors to amplify the Administrative functions, operations and process of the JCI Nigeria National Secretariat. This Frame work is a seemingly work-template that will be adopted to build a standard and stronger national organization


To start the year, we shall have a National Debate to discourse the vision and norms of our National Organization. We hope that this exercise shall remodel our thoughts, build friendlier atmosphere and increase our responsive action to making impact as an organization in Nigeria. A National Debate Advisory Committee has been set up to work with the Executive Vice Presidents in each Area with a 2 months period to collate their reports and make way for our Four year Strategic Plan.

This is a great opportunity to address the existence and operation of our National Organisation and all stakeholders (Local Organizations, Collegiate Structure, JCI Senators, JCI Nigeria Alumni and JCI Nigeria Foundation)

I encourage all members to put their Local Organization leaders to task and participate actively in making their submissions at the January/ February ACOPs meeting through out the National Organization.

This Committee shall be chaired by 2001 JCI Nigeria President, JCI Senator Kunbi Wuraola.


The following National Programmes shall be flagged in 2017.

1. The JCI Nigeria i-smart (Inspire Students to be motivated, Assertive, responsive and Transformative)

2. The JCI Nigeria Youth Agenda for Development.

There execution shall be deployed through your Local Organization President.


The Committee set up by President Tunji Oyeyemi shall continue their Job with an expanded scope to implement and organize a befitting anniversary celebration for our national organization at large. JCI Senator Ola Ogunlana chairs the committee.


In the last two years, we have spent great effort in ensuring that our Brand speaks beyond our borders of our local organization. JCI is a brand that we all pay our dues to use through our local Organizations. We shall propagate the correct use of our Brand by members and Publicize same in our community using traditional and social media outreach. Our recognition as a major player among Youth Organizations in Nigeria by the Government shall be a priority in 2017.

Our country is going through a challenging phase and I strongly believe that best will come at the end of this phase. I encourage us all make the best use of the opportunity that this Organization presents to make a positive impact in our family, work, school and community at large.

Lets roll out the Drums and celebrate because this is our 60th Anniversary.

Thank you and God bless us all.

With kind regards and best wishes,

OJO Babajide Richard

2017 National President

Junior Chamber International, Nigeria

28, John Olugbo Street, Off Mojidi Street,

Toyin-Ikeja, Lagos, NIGERIA.

+234 8032351106


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