Turning Point - 100 Days Update

Apr 10th 2017

Dear JCI Nigeria Members.

Greetings to you all from the JCI Secretariat here in St Loius Missouri. 

It's been a hundred (100) days on this journey of Impact. 

No doubt we all can feel intense need and zeal for doing this the better way. I feel very proud of you all and your Local organisation President for the tenacity in engaging stakeholders and partners for the continued development of your individual Communities. These Little big things are gradually making a collective impact in our Nigeria in 2017.

Many thanks for the submissions received from Local organisations, Area Teams and Collegiate Local Organization. We are  into the hallmark of the re-organising  our National organization with optimum service to the members and calculated expectation in the next 5 years. you can still make your inputs to nationaldebate@jci.ng 

On current performance data received by our National Organisation, we had course to pay a revitalisation visit to the South-south, South East Area of JCI Nigeria. 

This period afforded us an opportunity to obtain first hand information on status of some of our Local Organisations and identify with the members therein.

 All issues presented are before the National Executive committee and right decision will be communicated accordingly.

Efforts are being geared towards improving our National Secretariat from the current state to the much needed permanent and fully owned property of our own as an organisation. We are also working vigorously to build a much needed structure of the National Organisation and ensure functionality and standardisation of the current National Secretariat.

We have made a review of the previous effort in the past and we have consolidated on it to move forward JCI Nigeria.Our strategy will be shared nationally once all the plans are perfected.  

The last 100 days herald another set of Leaders for our Local organisations. The LA 19 was successful and the delegates are out among you fired up to #DoitRight. Many thanks to the leadership of the Senate and more importantly is the sponsorship of Union Bank PLC and JCI Senator Simbi Wabote.

This year 2017 AMEC in Sousse Tunisia looks bright. 

Over 53 Entries from Local Organisations in Nigeria spells out the increased awareness for excellence in our Local Organisations. 

The Turnout for Registration for the conference is extremely low hence I encourage you all to make effort and experience qualitative training and great network that 2017 AMEC has to offer.

The completion of the first phase of the Leprosy campaign is one good success story for our National Organisation. 

I am representing you at the JCI Headquarters, Missouri, USA in discussing a way forward for the renewal and strategise on implementation of the grant to the Five countries of JCI.

With the level of our success story, for the very first time, the Chairman of the Nippon Foundation will be visiting Nigeria in 2018 to confirm our impact made and also interact with JCI Nigeria Members. 

Details of this shall be shared as times goes on.

The national flagship programme this year is in top gear and promises to give us an exciting moment again. The first 100 days has allowed us to make nominations and we hope to recieve the final outcome from our Judges (KPMG)

The Chairman of the Committee and his Team are putting together one fantastic event whose memories wont go away for a very long time.

We thank the leadership of JCI Benin for taking quantum leap in the hosting over a 1000 youths of the State on thinking out of recession while the South West Conference document is under processing through JCI Ikeja. 

The Agenda is for our organisation to communicate a minimum of Four Development Agenda out of our gatherings and conferences to the Leadership of our country Nigeria.

Within the first 100 Days we have enjoyed and savoured the success of the South West Conference in Lekki, Lagos. The National Organisation is set to host you all again in in the city of Enugu back to back.

The 2017 Collegiate Conference Ndi'Eze takes  place in May and the 2017 South South and Eastern Conference tagged WAWA 2017 follows in June.

Both Conferences promise to be a good outing for our members and another platform to showcase our organisation in the locality of Enugu town.

JCI Ikoyi has commenced the preparation towards hosting the hallmark event of the year. 

Our National Convention tagged ‘Ishi Agwu 2017’ in the heart of Owerri, the Imo state Capital. 

This conference promises to showcase the standard of what a National Convention of JCI should be.

Work and celebration has commenced in earnest and we look forward for the implementation of the programs of the Committee. 

I personally commend the unwavering efforts of the committee as they continue to plan and implement a memorable celebration for the 2017.
The National Body as a whole has intensified efforts to ensure our own member stays alive.

We still have about Four Million Naira ahead of us to generate for him to undergo a kidney transplant.

We appeal to every JCI Nigeria member to support this cause.

The First quarter has been very impactful across the board. On qualitative and analytic  assessment of the activities of our local Organization in the First Quarter of 2017 the following Local organisations has been recognised for the Impact made in each month in their community. 

January - JCI Benin Metropolitan 
February - JCI Lagos City 
March - JCI Benin Metropolitan 

Kindly congratulate these Organisations for their approach and impact made in their community.

We have achieved the first part of the Turning wheel for Impact in our National Organisation through back to back visitations of our Officers and strategic assessment of feed back received from all Areas. 

We shall concentrate efforts on Media and Publicity in this Quarter in ensuring that we propagate the image ad impact stories of our Organisation beyond the walls of the the Organisation.

We encourage all Local Organisations to embark on this Media drive and reach out in their local communities for the grassroots’ visibility of our organisation.

With all sense of responsibility and appreciation, I make bold to say that all we have achieved so far in 2017 would not have been possible without YOU the individual member.

I salute your commitment.

Special Salutations to all our Local Organisation Presidents in JCI Nigeria and my wonderful team the JCI Nigeria Board Of Directors.

Thank you for embracing the TURNING POINT dream and I charge us to take it further.

I appreciate the JCI Nigeria Senate Association for the support extended at each call.

Time flies indeed, a hundred (100) days gone so speedily.

We still have another two hundred and sixty five (265) days to fulfil the TURNING POINT AGENDA for JCI Nigeria.

I strongly believe together we will make this happen.

OJO Babajide Richard
2017 National President
Junior Chamber International, Nigeria
28, John Olugbo Street, Off Mojidi Street, 
Toyin-Ikeja, Lagos, NIGERIA.
+234 8032351106


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