May 9th 2015

For 58 years, JCI Nigeria have been impacting the Nigerian society through her meaningful Projects and Programs based on the goal of creating sustainable change in her community. This movement for positive change has never been void of challenges and setbacks. The need to re-position the organisation for positive change, the 2015 administration adopted the theme Accelerate (XLR8) >>> Move Forward”. While addressing Members of JCI Nigeria in his maiden speech, JCI Nigeria President, Seun Osikalu stated that “Realization that we are far behind in gaining mind share of young people in Nigeria today, made us adopt the theme Accelerate (XLR8) >>> Move Forward”. According to him, “the theme rests on the fact that presently JCI Nigeria is not actively engaging all the key sectors of the society especially young people in transforming Nigeria.

One of the key targets for the year was to deploy Community impacting projects to the local community, in Alignment to Active Citizen Framework. The first National Impact Project tagged #YourVoteYourVoice, was embarked upon by JCI Nigeria on in January. The aim of the Project was targeted at the 2015 General Elections in the country. Prior to the elections, JCI Nigeria had carried out a Need Analysis and realised that there was great need to sensitize citizens on the need to exercise their Civil rights and also shun violence in the process of voting during elections.

The National Electoral Campaign was organised across the nook and crannies of the country. Various Local Organisations were also actively involved in the Project by embarking on election campaign in their various communities. 

The Project had great impact on the Nigerian society as citizens were motivated to go get their PVC and also avoid violence during the election. Hash tag #YourVoteYourVoice was trendy on twitter and Facebook as Social Media Team managed the online Electoral Campaign. Members of JCI Nigeria were also actively involved in the on-line and off-line campaign. Climax of the project was the partnership with Enough Is Enough Nigeria (EiE) in an RSVP concert in Owerri and Lagos States respectively. The event which held on January 31st and February 8th 2015 had over 2million Nigerians in attendance. The ticket to the event was simply individuals Permanent Voters Card (PVC). This singular event impacted over 2million Nigerian citizens.

The accelerating impact of JCI Nigeria in first half of the year came to lime light as she was awarded the Best National Project for her National Flagship Program during Africa and Middle East Conference in Accra, Ghana. 

Some Local Organisations based on their accelerating efforts, also scooped a total of five (5) other awards for JCI Nigeria. The first three awards were won by three Local Organisations; JCI Port Harcourt Metropolitan, JCI Aso and JCI Eko for being part of the first local organisations to complete a project impact 100. The ‘Election Awareness Campaign’ by JCI Aso; JCI Port-Harcourt’s ‘Medical Outreach Project to Bundu Community’ and the ‘Orphanage Empowerment’ by JCI Eko, were recognised by 2015 JCI President Ismail Haznedar at the JCI Morning Show for meeting the JCI Project Impact 100 criteria and creating sustainable impact in your local community.  Again, JCI Port-Harcourt Metropolitan won the best Inter-organisation Collaboration Project Award, while JCI Eko won Best Local Corporate Social Responsibility Program Award.

JCI Nigeria also intends to carry out more impactful projects and programs before the end of the year. There is no gainsaying that JCI Nigeria is taking the lead as the organisation that unites all sectors of the Nigerian society. 



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