JCI Jos city smoking cessation campaign

Aug 13th 2016

In line with the notification send to Local Organizations to carry out projects based on the partnership of JCI Nigeria and ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIAN PHYSICIANS IN THE AMERICAS (ANPA), JCI Jos city developed special interest on point number two, which is “SMOKING CESSATION.” SMOKING CESSATION CAMPAIGN REPORT This project took place on the 7th of August, 2016, with nine members in attendance and all actively involved. Dr Fabong Jemchang of Plateau Intelligentsia an awardee during the last JCI Jos city convention indicated interest to partner with the chapter by way of sponsorship is still waiting for an opportunity to make commitment as funds are available. However, while JCI Jos city awaits that opportunity, a project need came up following a call by our contact person in the jungle slated for the campaign prior to the actual date of 24th August, 2016. This project best fit UN MDGs/SDGs goal 3 which is “Good Health and Well-being” and 4 “Quality Education.” Over a hundred addicts that converged under Gada biu bridge which include all sexes and age grades were reached with JCI Jos city message of Smoking Cessation. The objectives of the project comprise that of our chapter Plan of action and the one set to be achieved after the project which states: ~To carry out a visit to Jungles and advocate for gradual withdrawal from smokeable substances. ~To implement Life Skill Training to 100 youth by August, 2016. ~To distribute100 smoking cessation flyers to 100 drug addicts ~To health-educate them on the dangers of smoking ~To inform the on the presence of JCI and her activities in Nigeria and the world at large At about 3pm yesterday, nine members apart from the three who send apologies convened at the takeoff point that is Polo round about where a walk commenced and dialogue along the route leading to the targeted area. In the area, over one hundred and twenty youths gathered as it were to network and catch fun. On JCI members arrival, they became suspicious but we were accepted after due introduction to the influential ones and the contact person. The project took place successfully with exchange of pleasantries to mark the closing, quite a number of the addicts agreed to stop smoking and live a better life, they also received our contacts for follow up. We recommend that there should be another visit on the 24th August, 2016 for a consolidation of the impact made. JCI Jos city has observed through individuals and collective research that addiction to different smokable substances is a common practice among youths in Jos metropolis and the world over. This happen to sparkle the interest of the chapter to carry out this project with teenagers and adults alike as targets. This act of smoking substances use to lead to ill health and criminal tendencies in the society. Another important point to note is that this project brought about the implementation of a critical issue in our plan of action captured as “Social Vices”, with the objective of visiting jungles where smoker of cigarette, cannabis and other substances do meet for the chapter to carryout life skill dialogue and distribution of flyers. Proposed budget became instrumental in the implementation of the project even though the amount realized could not fund the budget. The project advances the mission and vision of JCI as follows: 1.     The information provided in the campaign is such that such that it is to renew the minds of smokers to enable them create positive change. 2.     It has also portrayed JCI and its activities in good light as expressed by many. JCI Jos City as a Local Organization got a lot of commendation from those who share the same burden. From the confession of addicts who confessed in confidence, they showed appreciation and acknowledge that the intervention by JCI Jos City will certainly cut down the rate of smoking among smokers’ population. As a result of this project, the objective earlier set to visit jungle where drug peddlers and users of tobacco was achieved. It was discovered that one of those selling cannabis only sells but does not smoke which also perplexed the customers. The Local Organization benefitted since the presence of JCI and its activities were felt by the target audience and this has advanced the good that lies in the brand of JCI as a platform that provides development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change. The expected long term impact of the project is that gradual withdrawal from smoking as suggested during the project will surely be experimented by some of those ones present during the campaign thereby reducing the rate and number of smokers. Subsequently, more instructional materials should be involved for more impact. Jingles should be included in the planning as it has the ability of impacting as it were.  To carry out life skill training on 100 youth by the end of this year. To carry out trainers’ workshop where 10 JCI Jos city members will be trained on life skill by August, 2016. To collaborate with relevant NGOs in doing same as above.


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