Junior Chamber International Ekiti State University Promotes Agriculture

Jan 16th 2017


The program started officially for the opening Ceremony at exactly 9:45am and the commissioner for Agriculture Ekiti State Hon. Kehinde Odebunmi, the vice chancellor Ekiti State University professor Samuel Oye Bandele, Dean Faculty of Agriculture Ekiti State University Professor Fashina, Professor Ayodele,Ibhazukor Benjamin, JCI Senator Kolawole Olumurewa, Dr Adeleke Salami and Doctor Temitope Jegede, Were all welcomed and ushered to the high table.

The welcome speech was stated by the chapter president, The key note address by the commissioner of Agriculture and the Vice Chancellor of Ekiti State University gave his brief speech of encouragement, after which the closing remarks was addressed by the Dean of Faculty of Agriculture, Ekiti State University.
A photo session  followed, thereafter there was an interview session by NTA.

The Technical phase/paper presentation was declared open and the resources personnel were ushered to the high table, where 5 presentations was presented.

PAPER 1: Introduction to practical Agribusiness in Nigeria (Representative CEO HABDEC - Adeniyi Sola Bunmi)

PAPER 2: Writing a Business Plan (Representative Ministry of Agriculture FADAMA - Mr Peke Olukayode Francis)

PAPER 3: Understanding Entrepreneurship (Representative AGRICES - Mr Bayo Aduloju)

PAPER 4: Untapped Opportunities in the Agricultural sector of southern Nigeria (Representative Ministry of Agriculture - Mr Olowoeyo)

PAPER 5: Youth Agricultural Entrepreneurship: Pathway to inclusive growth and structural transformation Dr Adeleke Salami ( Africa Development Bank Abidjan Cote D'voire)

The Closing remarks was rendered by the Chairperson Agricultural Summit Uwagwu Samuel, and the seminar was concluded with photo sessions

DAY 2: Practical/workshop

The practical and workshop program of the Agricultural Summit was held at the Faculty of Agriculture, Ekiti State University school farm. The participants were exposed to the Pond site, both earthen and concrete pond by Dr Adebayo, the fishes varies from fingerings to Matured ones they were fed and their processes were discussed.

Mr Falade Enlightened the participants on the process of preparing, time and period of planting the Amaranthus Vegetable,cochorus olitorius(Ewedu) and Telfaria occidentalis(Ugwu) in which several questions were asked and detailed explanation was provided.

The participants visited the Poultry and they were enlightened on different types of Poultry, different types of feeds for various breed and finally they were taught how to harvest eggs without damaging it.

At the end Certificate was presented to the participants and they joyfully departed to their various destinations.

Our profound Gratitude goes to the National president 2016  JCIN Amb. Olatunji Oyeyemi for his unflinching support for the program.

National president 2017 JCI Senator Ojo Richard Babatunde for his contributions, undiluted support and recommendations which yields to a laudable achievement for the project and Media exposure.

Executive Vice president Southwest 2016 JCIN Amb. Henry Adedokun for his Industrious idea and  support towards the success of the project.

National Vice president 2016 Adejuyitan Yetunde Adetola for her contributions supports and ideas towards the success of the program.
And to the Pasts presidents and Alumni of JCINEKSU.

Special appreciation to CEO My affairs Nigeria Limited Segun Ogunsiku for his untiring efforts and idea towards the success of the program.
And to our amiable partners,

Ministry of Agriculture Ekiti State.
AROG agro allied company.

We say a big thanks to you


AROG agro allied company promised to set up a group of students called "Agric Miners" into Cassava Production and register them as a cooperative body.

AGRICES promised to supply Potatoes to JcinEksu for their potato chips production and they advised to set up a Potato plantation and they also gave out their website details to participants for them to share ideas, which they promised to recruit the participants with the best idea.

HABDEC promised to sponsor students that are interested in Agriculture.

African Development Bank advised students on how to get funds and be financially independent through Agriculture.



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