JCIN EKSU shows Love on Valentines Day

Feb 21st 2017

On February 14th 2017, JCINEKSU embarked on the visit to the special school of the blind deaf and dumb in ikere Ekiti. It was a remarkable day as the students and teachers were overwhelmed to receive us, due to their disabilities we couldn't communicate with the deaf and dumb instead they ended up teaching us their communication skills .

The blind were not left out in ultimate it was a great interactive session , they recognized people from voice and smell even with slight movement .
We had an interactive session on love. In the process of dining and relating with them they implore us to relay this messages to all :

 Abaje Christian (Blind)
He said "one problem we have with the society is that normal people do not see us (disabled) as humans, truly some us weren't born blind and none of us wish to be in this predicament but it is as the will of God therefore we should not be casted away by the society we are also humans"

Ajuwon Felix (Blind)
"We need the support of the government, yes we are blind but we can also make use of electricity and other modern infrastructures like the normal people. We make use of mobile phones and radios please tell them we need to charge we cannot see but we can hear"

Adeola (Deaf and dumb)
She wish to become a comedian in future , funny right ? But true ! with her sincerity she displayed for us instead of laughing I was crying yet she was so happy she could entertain us ! She is a rare talent .

Samuel (Blind)
"As if our conditions is not bad enough , the society finds it hard to relate with us properly even after our education , therefore we resolve to a sad life if we are not accepted" .

Just like us, their birth was celebrated, they once had dreams, they had aspirations for a brighter future and not until the table turned anti clockwise that they succumbed to Absolute faith.

However, Despite the negativity that surrounds them, they showed genuineness, passion, courage, Zeal and enthusiasm towards a bright future for themselves and for the society through them.

They demanded for a sustainable empowerment channel that will enable them get equipped and prove their worth.

As crusaders, we believe there is ability in disabilities, we have a strong believe in their passion as a tool towards social integration, community development and above all a more prosperous Nigeria that is free of discrimination and prejudice.



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