Mar 21st 2017

As part of JCI plan to compliment Government efforts towards the Capacity building and Empowerments of citizens, JCI Benin Metropolitan has successfully organized a 3 Days Entrepreneurship Workshop in order to build the capacity of young people and empower them with resources they require to either consolidate or start their own business. It could be recall that the Leadership of JCI Benin Metropolitan organized "Think Nigeria Out Of Recession Campaign Project" on the 9th of January 2017 in order to Sensitize Nigerians and Nigeria Governments on the need why all hands must be on deck towards reviving the Economy so that Nigerians can overcome economic challenges wherein the Nigeria Governments and the People were called upon to be alive to their responsibilities. Furthermore, while the Sensitization was at its nursing and implementation stages, emphasis was placed on specific tools that can be adopted to enable Nigerians overcome economic challenges vis-a-vis Recession but on our part we realized the important of capacity building and empowerment of over 400 young people with working capital as a veritable tools that can reverse the economic challenge been faced by the People. Haven periscopes the dwindling economic situations of the people, JCI Benin Metropolitan decided to organize a 3 Days Entrepreneurship Workshop for over 400 young people and lead them to resources they require to start a business of their choice.

Thus, in order to optimized and achieve our set goal and JCI Mission, we have resolved to group the Participants/Trainees for the 3Days Entrepreneurship Workshop into Co-operative Societies as a first step towards achieving JCI active citizens framework. The aforementioned task was executed the first day, 16th of March, 2017, of the Entrepreneurship Workshop because it requires Technical Know- How and perhaps it is one of the step Entrepreneurs must perform before he or she commences Business, while training started on the 17th-18th of March, 2017. In achieving our goal and mission, we realized that Governments role can't be overemphasis and we at JCI Benin Metropolitan deem it necessary to work in collaboration with Relevant Governments Ministries/Agencies and Stakeholders to help over 400 young people to achieve their dreams. It will interest you to know that the 3 Days Entrepreneurship Workshop focused on Agriculture, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises and Technology with theme: Using Research Results To Create Employment Opportunities For Young People.
We are glad that the just concluded and successful 3 Days Entrepreneurship Workshop have addressed 11 focal objectives, JCI mission and benefits to the Participants which are as follows:
1.     Capacity building/personal development/empowerment
2.        Has empowered the participants to develop their         community
3.        It has afforded JCI Benin Metropolitan the opportunity to recruits young people.
4.        Lead the Participants to places where they can secure Resources to either consolidate or start their own business.
5.        It has also offers huge publicity for JCI
6.        It has helped bridge the Entrepreneurship GAP for Participants.
7.        It has helped enhance Participants with managerial and leadership skills.
8.        It has helped Participants develop transferable skills that are directly relevant to workplace and career enhancement.
9.        It has helped inspire the Participants to develop appetites for personal business, create positive change in their Community and new business ideas.
10.     It has helped empowered Participants to creatively create Wealth.
11.     It has helped Participants overcome economic challenge.
To this end, we wish to thank JCI Nigeria President, Executive Secretary, Executive Vice President in charge South South/South East, National Vice President representing South South/South East 1, JCI Benin Metropolitan Executive Board, Members and Ambassadors, JCI Senator Chris Ekiyor, University of Benin Vice Chancellor, Chairman Local Government Civil Services Commission, Edo State, Senator representing Edo South Senatorial District, Ministry of Agriculture/Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Motel Benin Plaza and our Resource Persons for their contributions towards the success of the just concluded 3Days Entrepreneurship Workshop which was held at Motel Benin Plaza, G.R.A Benin City, on the 16th to 18th of March, 2017.


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