2015 National President Welcome Address

Dear Active Citizens,

Welcome to 2015, the year JCI Nigeria will take her leave from the doldrums of her recent history to the realm of accelerated movement to greatness and I as your President will lead the charge to change. Our recent history has been littered with subdued optimism with the proverbial ray of light at the end of the tunnel and then as suddenly the ray went out returning us back to square one. We also have to acknowledge that we can do things far better than we are and put our dear organization back on the track of greatness and realization of her full potentials.

I can assure you we understand the immediate issues that need addressing over the years – transparency, probity, commitment and most of all making a National Impact. Great kudos must be given to the 2014 administration led by JCI Senator Saheed Adegoke for shining the light on transparency and probity; for putting the basic structures in place for us to lay a solid foundation together for this organization in 2015 and for restoring part of our lost values as an organization.

This amazing job done by the 2014 team will give us a head start in our effort to catch up and collaborate with our peers in creating a nation of our heroes past. Realization that we are far behind in gaining mind share of young people in Nigeria today, made us adopt the theme Accelerate (XLR8) >>> Move Forward. The theme rests on the fact that presently JCI Nigeria is not actively engaging all the key sectors of the society especially young people in transforming Nigeria. This is not just a Presidential theme; it is a NATIONAL PLAN that will utilise all of the tools JCI as an organization has given us to make our communities the most desirable place to live in. We will Connect, Commit and Care with our communities through projects that create long-term sustainable impact. While we are doing this we must XLR8 our organization in terms of ensuring we have the basic structures in place to support our engagement. Over the years, we have been too internally focused and this has reduced our engagement with key policy makers and key actors, the young population of Nigeria. Our voice is lost in social media conversation as it relates with young people creating a long term sustainable IMPACT. We have been running an organization without institutionalizing our operational structures and process. Putting these structures in place is our job this year and we will not fail nor falter.

Our XLR8 strategy will ensure we move ahead with a sense of urgency to put in place proper secretariat administration, build brand awareness and engaging all key players in our transformation as a country. We intend to do this through:

1. Creation of Sustainable Structure for Internal Administration. As I address you today, we have completed work on the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of the new JCI Nigeria Secretariat that covers Finance and Administration. This SOP will guarantee proper book keeping for easy accounting and auditing; drive almost cashless transactions ensuring all monies pass through our accounts, cash advance are properly retired and automate our Monthly financial update. It will also aid the Executive Secretary and her team in their day to day running of the secretariat and how she relate with her staff and the Board of Directors observing good corporate governance to allow for it sustainability. Already all Board Members and local chapter presidents have their official JCI Nigeria email address which is now fully functional from today. This is in line with our goal of migrating every member of our organization to our official and secure platform. Once every member is migrated, we would set up our new mailing list and the unsecured Yahoogroups mail list would be shut down. The Secretariat will guide us through this process. The SOP will also drive the institutionalization of an effective project management structure that is in line with our strategy. We would run a major National project that will be cascaded to all Areas. The EVPs for each Area will be the drivers and will ensure all Local Organization key into it.

2. Acquisition of A Dignify Office For JCI Nigeria Internal administration without befitting and dignifying office do not correlate. And, again, many thanks to the 2014 Team for the assets in terms of ground breaking efforts that has been made in this direction, we are at an advance stage of acquiring an office for JCI Nigeria that all of us will be proud of. This will support the perception we would be creating for the organization this year through our brand building efforts. As we conclude on the operational office, acquisition of a piece of land is also at an advance stage of approval. 2014 Team also started this process and we would follow it up to ensure it successful conclusion.

3. Build JCI Nigeria Brand Through Creation of Top of Mind Awareness In the Traditional and Digital Media We must admit that our brand awareness is almost zero in Nigeria that is why we do not feature in the youth market’s consideration and preference. Having identified this, throughout this year, we would deliberately build our brand awareness and create the right perception for JCI Nigeria. We will leverage on Social Media to connect with our message and use Traditional media to give visibility and noting to our Projects and Programs to make the job of collaborating with Corporate and Civil society a lot easier. Our visibility will rub off on our partners and we will deliver value for their money. Doing this on a consistent basis will also reduce long introduction to potential partners as they would have read, heard and seen us in the media. It will also make our job of uniting all sectors of the society simpler going forward.

4. Deploying Community impacting projects to the local community and in Alignment to Active Citizen Framework. Local chapters will be motivated to standardize their project to conform with the Framework in other to deliver maximum impact to their community. We will also adopt and deploy JCI My World Forum in our local community to support the efforts of JCI in this direction.

5. Flag Ship Programs JCI Nigeria Ten Outstanding Young Person Award and 100 years Anniversary Programs will be our flagship programs. These programs will be organised in a way that has not been experienced for a long time in JCI Nigeria. Specific plans are in the pipeline and will be unveiled by the various committees saddled with execution in due course. TOYP particularly will be one of our main drivers for visibility and an avenue to build brand JCI Nigeria. It promises to be the biggest in recent time. All of our enumerated plans above as lofty as they are will come to nought if we do not have the full support of YOU, our members, to achieve it. Everybody is required to support in whatever we can to make it happen for us all. The National board under my leadership will be fully committed to our values and principles as an organisation. I request that each member be fully committed to his or her local chapter which in turn will drive the commitment of the chapters in keeping to their obligation to the National organisation. This will help us keep ours to JCI. As your 2015 JCI Nigeria President, I’m fully committed to the task ahead and I look forward to working for you. Let me assure you that despite the enormous tasks ahead of us, we would stay true to the tenets of our laws and serve with the best interest of members and our dear National Organisation at all times.

I thank you for your time. Let’s Move Forward.


Warm regards,

Seun Osikalu

2015 President

Junior Chamber International,


#XLR8>>>Moving Forward


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