2016 National President Welcome Address

Dear Friends & Senior Members of JCI Nigeria,

With gratitude to the Almighty, I welcome us all as a family to 2016, a year that holds lot of promises, and one in which I pray we all seek to contribute our sincere best in making SUSTAINABLE IMPACT.

2015 was beset with its own unique challenges within and outside the organization. As a member of the 2015 Board under the leadership of ‘Seun Osikalu, I use this medium to express gratitude to the entirety of JCI NIGERIA for your united commitment to ensure JCI Nigeria's  movement to the fore front.

As the 2016 Leadership Team takes over the mantle of leadership of JCI Nigeria, I once again express our united appreciation for the vote of confidence reposed in us at NATCON 2015. We are not unmindful of the unique challenges that lies ahead of us but we are more than ready to take it head on.

When the stars come together as a galaxy, the splendor is unquantifiable, Therefore,no single individual can make as much impact as will be made by a  group of people united in purpose.

Just like the light of a watch tower to a ship lost in a tempest sea, the 2016 year is filled with hope. We will seize the opportunity of change by joining ALL our forces together to bring JCI NIGERIA to her peak of glory, most especially as our flag is hoisted high at the world headquarters, Missouri, USA.

Having delivered quality projects and programs in previous years, we reiterate our commitment towards making impact that is purposeful, measurable and sustainable to the eyes of the nation who still wonder, “Who or what is JCI?”. We will make JCI Nigeria more visible.

As some of our Local Organizations are thriving and extending, it is time for us to harness our strategies to strengthen our weak zones in this Nation for deeper and meaningful recognition.

We must stretch ourselves as an organization to reach beyond the sky. We must leave an enduring legacy. JCI must be recognized as a strong brand and also for succeeding against odds that others dared not face.

One man cannot do it alone! Greatness has a face but that face is supported by all parts of the body. Let us come together to stare greatness in the face, dare to dream and strive for our dreams.

Provisions are made for the man who believes in the beauty of his dreams; steps out and "JUST ACT"!. Believe in us and together we will bring to reality SUSTAINABLE IMPACT.

Looking forward, we shall aim to Impact, Motivate, Invest, Collaborate and Connect within and outside the organization to ensure generations unborn arrive to the JCI Nigeria of our dreams. We promise to fulfill our WORDS 

Sustainable Growth

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Projects and Programs

Sustainable Partnership

With your support, we are charged for the task ahead because in 2016 will face her own challenges and earn her rewards.

Let us JUST ACT every second of this year wherever we are, INDIVIDUALLY and as a TEAM to ensure SUSTAINABLE IMPACT.

Happy New Year!!! It will be our year of greater glory.

Olatunji Oyeyemi

2016 President JCI Nigeria



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