Form for 2021 Elective Positions


DD slash MM slash YYYY
Full name of candidate in block letters
Name of Local Organization

Section 2
It is hereby certified that candidate mentioned herein has the necessary qualifications for office as prescribed in the JCI Nigeria Constitution /Collegiate Code of Conduct.
(a) Would not have reached his fortieth (40th) birthday prior to assuming office if elected (Bye Law 6-10.2 of Collegiate code of conduct). Proof of date of birth certificate/International Passport must be forwarded with these nomination papers , plus evidence of financial status of candidate’s in the Local Organisation and Two passport sized photographs.
(b) Would be registered and in attendance at the Collegiate Conference at which he is a nominee. (Bye law 6-10-3 of Collegiate code of conduct)
(c) Fulfils the qualification for the particular office for which this nomination is filed (By-law 7.2 and Bye-law 8.2 of Collegiate code of conduct)
(d) The nominee is fully aware of the provision of continued membership as stated in Bye law 9-14 of JCI Nigeria Constitution.
(e) The nominee has not previously been elected to serve a full term (i.e. appointment) in the same office as that which this nomination is being submitted (Bye law 9-17 of JCI Nigeria Constitution)
(f) Please note that the Local Organisation to which the candidate belongs, must be at the time of election current in payment of dues to JCI Nigeria, as stipulated in Bye Law (6-10-5 of Collegiate code of conduct)
(g) In addition, each nominee shall appear personally before the nomination’s committee Bylaw 6-10.1 (Collegiate code of conduct)

Section 3
3. I am able to state that the nominee has support of his/her Local Organisation and that the Chapter understands that his/her performance as an Officer if elected will be a reflection of the leadership of our Local Organization.
The content of this nomination form and the various papers, which we understand must accompany the nomination form to make it valid are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.
Signature or Letter of Intent signed by the Local Organization presenting each nominee. Note: where a nominee is the President of the nominating Chapter, the letter of intent must be sign by a senior ELECTED officer other than the nominee (Bye law 9-10 Section 3 of JCI Nigeria Constitution)
Accepted file types: jpg, pdf, Max. file size: 1 MB.
Name of President of the Nominating local organization or senior elected officer other than the nominee where the nominee is the President
Local Organization making the Nomination
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