Are you a Small Business, Big Corporation, Scalable Startup or Social Entrepreneur? Or are you dreaming of starting your own business? Do you have the thought of taking a risk on an idea you believe might change the world? Do you want to become a better business leader?

It is unarguable that becoming an entrepreneur can be one of the most simultaneously challenging and rewarding career paths. Whether you’re the CEO of a major corporation or the co-founder of a small business, entrepreneurs are united by their hustle, drive, and the desire to make their mark on the world.

The road is rough and the journey is always tough. However, there is a good news!

The JCI Entrepreneurship Master Class is here, and we can boldly say that this class is just for you!

It provides exclusive lessons from master business leaders and consultants from the corporate and business world.

You will get the opportunity to learn about:

  • Identifying and Analyzing Business Opportunity
  • Building the Right Business Model
  • Crafting Strategies for Profitable Innovation Initiatives
  • Building Systems to increase Productivity and Profitability
  • Digital Sales and Marketing Strategies for SMEs
  • Knowing and Growing Your Numbers
  • Business Scaling Strategies that Work

Panel Session:

  • Succession Planning: How to Build a Business that Outlive You
  • Post COVID Profitable Business Survival Strategies

More benefits for you;

Opportunity to network with like-minded people for personal, business and career growth
Access to successful entrepreneurs and consultants during and after the class for mentoring
Certificate, and many more.

Date:         August 18th–19th, 2021
Amount:   NGN 25,000
Venue:      Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Fee: N25,000


For questions and enquiries; kindly send an email to or call 08058880855