Supporting orphans has been one of JCI ASO’s focus areas over the years and Project Hope is our way of making targeted efforts that can actually support or promote systems where children can be well developed.

We recognize that children develop better in places they can call home. Research has shown that infants’ brains actually fail to fully develop in some cases where kids are mistreated, poorly educated or abused and these have serious, and sometimes irreversible effects in the long run as evident in our society today.

JCI Aso is committed to supporting organisations and programs that give orphaned children those basic needs, skills and resources. It gladdens children’s hearts, when their needs are met and when they are able to smile, the hope of a better future is illuminated.

The 2021 project hope was successfully executed with the support of our partners, Ashake Foundation, Sisters by Heart Global Initiative, Sam Empowerment Foundation, JCI Aso Alumni and Leaders, Members and Families who made significant donations towards the project. Because of their enormous support, we were able to provide basic medical services and donate basic items such as food, clothing, toiletries.

We are honoured to have reached out to the kids at Juli Quincy Orphanage Home, Kubwa Abuja. We look forward to more opportunities to impact positively in the lives of orphaned kids and children. We hope that this message of hope inspires other well-meaning individuals and organizations around the world to continue to take decisive actions for a better and prosperous world.