With the increase in out of school Children in our state and the alarming numbers of Child hawkers seen on the streets especially during school hours, which exposed this kids to danger and mitigate their future,

JCI Benin Metro Back to School Project is targeted towards taking kids hawking during school hours off the streets and to the classroom. The Project is being chaired by our 2017 President, JCIN Amb, Osaro Iyamu Culture.

JCI Benin carried out a need analysis at OBA Market Ring Road Benin City and there we discovered a hub from hub out of school kids were given wares to hawk in order to make money for their Masters/Parents. From our need analysis, we discovered that the main reasons why we have this surge of out of school kids were;
1: Poverty: Many Parents have so Little to feed on, talk less paying school fees. Most times, they also have many mouth to feed and in view of that, it is difficult to feed everyone and send them to school too hence they prioritize.

2: Greed and Selfishness: we had situations where some guardians prefer to make money off this kids than send them to school. Some even buy the kids from there parents for a specific period for them to make money for them via hawking.

In view of the above JCI Benin Metro drafted a Multi Fold intervention Plan;

1: Collaborate with Edo State Government through the EDO SUBEB to enrol the kids in school for Free.

2: Sensitize the Parents and Guardians on the importance of Educating the Child.

3: Kit the Kids and Provide essential basics needed to a good stay in school (Uniforms, Bags, Sandals, Books, etc).

4: Continue To Provide Mentoring for the Kids to ensure they catch up.

5: Monitor and Review, enforce where necessary in collaboration with Security Agency to ensure greedy Guardians do not withdraw those kids from School.

Our Results.
While the Project is continuous, we have as at 5th March, 2021 Achieved the Following.

Collaborated with EDO SUBEB to take 25 kids off the streets and back to school, 11 of the kids taken off the streets in Collaboration with EDO SUBEB were the pioneer kids that the State Governor in recognition of our work used to Flag off the State ‘Lets go to School Campaign‘ on Monday 1st March, 2021.

The Government promised to take over their well-being and provide the necessary school Kits for them. JCI Benin Metro has gone ahead to successfully provide school Kits for the remainder of the kids taken off the streets and enrolled into school.

Furthermore, we have secured partnership with Individuals and Corporate Organizations Including Private Schools , willing to take over the sponsorship of some of this kids.

For the first phase of this Project, we intend to take 100 kids of the streets and as at 5th March, 2021, 25% of that Target has been met.

The Project is continuous and we duly intend to meet or exceed this target.