The JCI Nigeria team led by the National president, JCI Amb Abiola Olorunnisola successfully held a meeting with the representatives of the International chamber of Commerce led by the Secretary General of the Chamber Mrs Bunmi Osuntuyi, Director of programs- Seyi Yusuf, Training officer- Deji. Accompanying the National president were JCI Nigeria Executive Secretary- Adeyemo Adeonipekun, JCI Nigeria 2017 past president- JCI Sen Richard Ojo, and the Executive Assistant- Susan Goler.

The secretary general of the ICC warmly welcomed the JCI team and expressed her happiness having JCI Nigeria extending their collaboration with the chamber. She acknowledged the already existing relationship between JCI Nigeria and the ICC over 7years ago and expressed her deep sympathy over the previous loss of its member/excos about 7 years ago.

In his opening remark the Executive Secretary of JCI Nigeria gave a brief highlight of what JCI is, its core values, mission and vision. After which the National president stated the purpose of the visit and the direction for this year of which is to establish a sustainable partnership and collaborate in execution of programs and projects in line with the values of both parties for positive impact. He specifically pointed and presented JCI Nigeria requests and areas of collaboration to the chambers, one of which is a 50% discount on membership subscription for JCI members. Adding to the remarks from JCI Nigeria, JCI Sen Richard Ojo emphasized on how important the partnership is and how valuable the output will be to both parties as members stand to benefit immensely from it. The president later presented the proposal document to the secretary General of ICC and also request a collaboration with ICC in hosting the upcoming JCI Nigeria Economic summit.

In her response, the secretary general of ICC assured of a collaboration with JCI as the relationship has been established long ago. She welcomed the partnership proposal as she stated that they also look out for partnership opportunities like this. She encouraged that JCI Business members to join ICC local chapters first before joining/subscribing to the national organization.

Considering our requests, she stated that the 50% discount on membership subscription is not achievable for equity and fairness sake but promise to look up on other request and act according as the need demand. She also stated that she can’t assure JCI Nigeria of ICC participation/collaboration in the Economic summit due to the chamber’s timing/scheduling policy for invitations and events and ICC board needs to be notified.

In her request, she requested for JCI Nigeria to be part of the World Chamber congress coming up in November 23rd-25th by sending in some of our initiatives/projects carried out which will be featured in the World Chambers Competition. She requested a document containing all JCI initiatives from Inception of the organization.

She stated some benefits of the being a member/partner of the chambers such as access to partake in international conferences and seminars, business mentorships, SME’s survey, trainings, an opportunity to work on income generation possibilities for member through “Founders fee”.

The ICC director of programs assured JCI to send out their programs and events for JCI members to engage, as they will be hosting a training on letters of credit next week. With no further questions, the meeting came to an end with a presentation of souvenirs by the ICC to JCI Nigeria, this was done by the secretary general of the ICC in appreciation for the visit.