It was a day of joy for the people of Aba Nla community, Idi Ayunre, in Oluyole Local Government Area of Oyo State last weekend as the Junior Chamber International (JCI), Oluyole commissioned the rehabilitated health centre in the area.

Also, over 500 people benefited from the free medical service provided by JCI Oluyole as medical practitioners were on hand to treat people and also gave out free drugs.

Speaking after the commissioning, the President, JC Onomen Oziegbe, said the vision of JCI is to empower young people to create positive change in the society, adding that was why they selected the Aba Nla community as their area of focus.

President Oziegbe stated that after the feasibility study, they selected Aba Nla community which has no functional health centre and other medical equipment, as she thanked all the partners for making their job easy.

“Over the years we have been coming here to give people medical treatment here at Aba Nla community because they do not have a functional primary health centre, so we come once a year to cater for their needs and this is our fifth year.

“This year, as the President, I felt we needed to do something sustainable, a project, by renovating the health centre and making it functional in order for people to receive treatment efficiently.

“When we came here, the roof of the health centre was in bad condition, there were no beds, no drugs and all the necessary equipment, so we partnered with some of our partners and some donated drugs, blood pressure equipment and some other medical equipment and we also fixed their light.

“They now have a functional health centre where people can now come for treatment, and I urge them to maintain this project so as to encourage us to do more. This primary health centre is very important to the residents of this area and it must always be open every day,” Oziegbe said.

While commending the gesture of JCI, representatives of Alaba of Aba Nla community, Moshood Yusuf Awowole thanked JCI for the kind gesture, as he promised that they would take proper care of the facility.

“We are very happy because we have been expecting this over the years and this is not the first time they (JCI) have come here, but this is unique which has to do with our healthcare improvement.

“We’ve not been experiencing the government’s kind gesture in terms of healthcare here at Aba Nla but thanks to JCI for remembering us. JCI gave us better beds, painted the whole building and repaired the roof and doors of the hospital.

“We are planning to hire security personnel to secure this health centre and put other necessary materials in place to make this place better,” he said.