Tomorrow truly belongs to those who see it, planned it, and walk the talk towards achieving it.

Life can be very confusing without a route, but a bed of rose in a clear direction when you’re lead on.

The very most complicated stage in life is your service year. It can be very hard to face without anywhere to land. Ask those who have passed through the path, you will hear the untold story.

You live like a king when being a student, but you can be relegated to live like a slave when done with service with no clear path or direction.

It is when you’re through service that the reality of life is activated. To stand out, you need the knowledge of what the future holds for you!

Those who lead the path are those who know the route. Seek to know and seek to understand.

What is expected of you as a serving copper?

How can you stand out among your peers?

How’s the life ahead you look like?

How well can you set your prevention to stand out?

Join JCIN NYSC Active Citizens Members on the 13th October, 2021, as we will be learning all about – LIFE DURING AND AFTER NYSC; Expectations, Challenges, and Reality, with renowned and seasoned trainers.

The training will be happening live on Zoom/Facebook at exactly 10am