Meet "DuDu" @ Omoluabi 2018

Feb 9th 2018

*Kayode Ayedogbon - Currently is the Retail Field Force and Training Manager at Huawei Technologies (CBG) Company Nigeria Limited*
Kayode is a trained engineer, Certified Trainer, Capacity Building  and Personal Development Coach with 10 active years of experience to his compliment. He is a foremost Sales Capability Development Trainer and Coach with numerous training engagements within and outside the shores of Nigeria.
Kayode has successfully handled seminars, workshops, Train the Trainers, Leadership, Sales Development Academy and Retreat sessions for different professional groups as trainer, facilitator and coach. His presentations have covered various topics including Leadership, Team Development, Brand Protection, Customer Service, Sales Capability Development, Coaching and Execution Without Excuses.
From June, 2015 that he started performing at Huawei Technologies with over 2,000 recorded training hours,  Kayode has led four (4) Sales Capability Development Academies, Five (5) Train The Trainer Sessions, several Brand, Products and Skill Development Trainings as well as Product Launch Presentations.
He is Master Trainer at Huawei Technologies Company Limited (Consumer Business Group) with focus on Sales Capability Development and On-The-Job Coaching.

Ask him.... How come about the name DuDu when you see him...


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