Jan 28th 2018

Dear Citizens in Action,


Greetings from your National Secretariat and warm regards from the National President as he embarks on the onward journey to Nigeria from Zimbabwe.


Today 28th January 2018 marks the World Leprosy Day.


The National Secretariat appreciates all Local Organisations who have deemed it fit to organise programs and events to celebrate this day.


Please contact the National Secretariat for any assistance needed.

All Local Organisation e-flyers should not carry pictures of deformed individuals.


As we address varied audiences during the year, the term to use is People Affected by Leprosy for affected individuals.


JCI Nigeria in conjunction with NIPPON FOUNDATION ably guided by JCI actively commences the second phase of the eradication of people affected with leprosy by creating awareness about Leprosy in Nigeria.


The first phase which commenced in 2016 was a success and as we move forward in 2018 we are positive about a much more successful second phase.


Sincere appreciations to the 2017 President, JCI Senator Richard Ojo who firmed up the strategies and documentation for the second phase with the Nigerian government and partners.


We can only position JCI NIGERIA stronger if we jointly work on this second phase as a team in 2018.


The theme for this year is ZERO DISABILITIES IN GIRLS AND BOYS.


We shall be working actively with the Federal Ministry of Health and World Health Organization to ENGAGE Nigerian citizens about leprosy.

Activities have been scheduled to take place across all zones of Nigeria in conjunction with the Federal Ministry of Health.

These activities are scheduled from 31st January to 5th February 2018.


These activities include and not limited to:

  1. School Debate / Quiz Competitions
  2. Media Parleys
  3. Road walks
  4. Active Social Media Engagement

This will involve our selected Local Organisations with emphasis on those actively involved in the Phase One of the NIPPON FOUNDATION- JCI -JCI NIGERIA LEPROSY ERADICATION PROJECT 2016 that earned us success and credits as a National Organisation.


Kindly follow our daily updates as we ENGAGE the society as Citizens in Action once the schedule of activities is firmed up by the Federal Ministry of Health and WHO in the next few hours.




Utmost Regards,
Oluwafolakemi A. Olajiga
Executive Secretary
JCI Nigeria
28 John Olugbo Street, Off Mojidi, Off Toyin Street,
Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
234 818 060 5756, 234 909 008 7223
2018 PRESIDENTIAL THEME: Citizens in Action


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