#CitizensInAction January Journey

Feb 2nd 2018

Dear Citizens in Action,

Welcome to February, the month that is designated to show love to ourselves and our Nation Nigeria. One of the very key strategies of the 2018 Board is to ensure communication gets to the last member. As is the practice over the years, I will be taking us on the monthly journey of your President and the 2018 team as we seek to Engage, Inspire and Act.  As we are all aware, 2018 has been designated a year for “Citizens in Action” with one goal which is “to be in the forefront of building the Nigeria of our dreams by uniting all sectors of society to create sustainable impact”. 

  • Area Council of Presidents
We recognize that our National organization is only strong when our local organizations are strong and have members who are relevant in the community. The month of January started with your President and other key Executive Committee members engaging our Local Leaders in all the 4 Areas of the National Organisation while witnessing the Area Council of Presidents Meeting in Ijebu-Ode, Port-Harcourt and Keffi respectively. In each of the communities, our Local leaders engaged members of the community on the need for clean and safe environments as well as Peace under the Let’s Do It and Peace is Possible Campaigns. I had the opportunity to be hosted by His Royal Highness, The Paramount Ruler of Rumuogba Community in Obio/Akpor Area of Rivers State who endorsed both campaigns and had members of the community join us in the exercise. I thank EVPs Abiola , Stanley, Feyisayomi and Segun and their team for the work done in mobilizing our members to action. I have greater confidence than ever that our organization is on the road to meaningful growth with the passion of our members as witnessed in those visits. 

The National Executive Committee also held its inaugural meeting in the month of January where decisions to well position our National organization to provide greater services to members were reached. 
In bringing together like minded partners to expand mutual impact, our local organizations are encouraged to actively collaborate with the communities and local leaders sharing our tools and providing mutual sustainable solutions to problems identified.
  • Collaboration
A very key strategy in our #CitizensInAction journey is to collaborate with relevant Government and Non Government organizations that are key to the provision of development opportunities for young active citizens. We have spent the most part of January initiating contacts with the following organizations that are identified as Key to our plans; 

1. Ministry of Youths & Sports, 
2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 
3. British Council, 
4. Embassy of India to Nigeria, 
5. European Union Mission to Nigeria & ECOWAS and
6. The United States Embassy to Nigeria. 

The visits are planned to explore local impact opportunities with mutual interest and also open necessary relationship for our planned attendance at JCI conferences and congress this year.
In the month of January also, on the invitation of JCI Abeokuta, I represented our National Organisation at the Tech Summit Ogun where we explore the opportunities of technology in economic and social development. We have also identified some other business organizations and engagements are ongoing with them across the different flagship programs we should be running in 2018. While in Keffi, I initiated communication with the Nigerian Young Farmers Network through its President for opportunities for job creation for our younger members through Agriculture. The plan is to firm up a partnership that will mutually beneficial to the organisations as we take actions to improve our members economically.
  • Africa & The Middle East National Presidents Meeting
It was quite an exciting opportunity to engage our International organization and other Presidents from African and Middle East Countries of JCI while exploring the amazing city of Harare, fixing Greenwood Park with citizens of the city, tree planting with JCI President Marc Brian Lim and sensitizing citizens to register to vote at the coming Zimbabwean national election. The discussions with other JCI National Presidents focused on strategy around our growth and development objectives to attract and retain incremental 16,000 members by the end of 2018. From this JCI Nigeria is expected to grow by 50% translating to near 1,000 new members. 

During the meeting, The #IAMAFRICA campaign was shared with all present with the commitment that we will return to our countries to facilitate the necessary understanding for achieving the Africa that we want. In the coming days, more information will come on what is expected of us as individual members of JCI in our quest to champion a new cause for Africa

The meeting also provided the opportunity for ongoing partnership/twinning discussions with JCI Senegal, JCI South Africa, and JCI Mauritius. JCI Tanzania is one of the newest national organization and we are glad to explore mentor/mentee relationship across both national organizations.
The JCI Active Citizen Framework is a unique project tool and it’s important that local organization make use of this in executing all our projects to enable us meet a minimum impact index of 1.
  • Visitations
We expect three international visitations and the first confirmed is the Vice President’ visit scheduled for April 29 - May 24, 2018. VP Asha Auckloo from Mauritius will be with us before travelling to the Africa & The Middle East Conference

  • TOYP
In recent years we have made remarkable success with the JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Nigeria programme. Through innovative actions, extraordinary achievement and dedication to serving others we have identified young active citizens that exemplify the spirit of the JCI Mission and provide exemplary service to their communities. TOYP 2018 has been phenomenal as we have received a never recorded 1,817 nominations. These are young individuals that live their lives for the wellbeing of others, and created paths where none existed. 

This year, beyond the 10 that will eventually be announced, we intend to share the stories of the amazing works of as many of the nominees to inspire other young people to action. The 2018 TOYP Chair, Oluwatoyin Atanda and her team are super charged and will share these fascinating stories of impact from the nominations we have received. I must say kudos to the team.
  • Our Citizen In Action of the month of January
By recognizing one amazing young active citizen, we are hopeful that other members are inspired to act for the best interest of our organization and our nation, Nigeria. Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to announce that Treasure Chinaza Nweke of Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu University, Uli, Anambra State is our Citizen in Action for the month of January 2018. She will receive a gift and her profile will be published on all JCI Nigeria social media platforms and website.

  • The JCI 100% Efficiency
The Program was created to ensure that JCI Organizations are providing the minimum service required to their members to support their efforts toward sustainable impact. The program sets a minimum standard for how JCI Organizations should be operating so that they provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change

JCI Nigeria as at date have met all available standards with 30%. The last time we got this recognition was in 2015 and the Citizens in Action team would ensure we achieve 100% this year.  One of the very key items in the journey to 100% efficiency is the running of the Lets Do It Campaign at Local level. We did commit to replicate same with JCI Nigeria local organizations as discussed during the Area Council of Presidents meetings across the country. 

In the coming days, as a National organization, we will roll out the National guidelines for the 100% efficiency program for our Local organizations. I bet we will all love to return home at the National Convention with the prestige of an 100% efficiency award. 

Permit me here to specially thank Local organizations who have made their dues payment to our National organization in the month of January. It is an unprecedented feat in recent times that by January ending, we have 10 local organizations that have paid their Naira dues in full and in some cases part of their dollar dues. I thank JCI Abeokuta, JCI Benin, JCI Ibadan, JCI Aso, JCI Heartland, JCI Uyo, JCI Lagos Coral, JCI Enugu, JCI Ikeja and JCIN Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu University .Your action goes to show the confidence and support you have for the 2018 National team and the quality of leadership that exists in our Local organizations in 2018. Be assured that we will not rest in our bid to work around alternative sources of income for JCI Nigeria other than member dues.
  • Invest
The JCI strategic plan seeks that we identify partners, improve our funding options to maximize our program impact and in the period under review we have identified some project areas and strategically aligned with these organizations with grant opportunities. We successfully met the necessary application requirement and have applied for grants from the following organizations;

1.    Embassy of Japan to Nigeria for provision of Solar Powered Electricity/Lightings for Five (5)  Health Centers in the FCT, Abuja.
2.    ACT Foundation for the JCI Nigeria Let's Do It Clean Up Project. 
3.    CISCO for Digital Skills Empowerment for some Under-served Communities in Nigeria. 

  • OMOLUABI 2018
The month of February is always very exciting for us as JCI Nigeria. It is the month of our first Area Conference of the year. Permit me to salute our hosts for the 2018 South West Conference, JCI Premier for the amount of time and energy that has gone into putting together the conference. I look forward to seeing all your beautiful faces in Osogbo from the 15th- 18th February 2018 to chart the course of growing our organization and developing our nation Nigeria. 
  • Let’s Do It Campaign
Let’s Do It! Is not only about cleaning up waste, JCI Nigeria will unite with other civic organizations to raise awareness and implement true change to achieve a clean and healthy Nigeria. As we plan for the “CLEANUP STREET CONFERENCE” in Osogbo, I am confident with the work done thus far by the JCI Nigeria and Let’s Do It Nigeria team to meet our objectives. The project lead, Olorunleke Odubote met with other young active citizens at the Let’s Do It Conference in Estonia where he shared our work to date and continue to gather support across for a bigger impact with the project. I urge our local organisations to join this campaign to mobilize the world to the biggest civic engagement in 2018.
  • National Voter Registration Campaigns
As Nigeria draws closer to the National elections, it is very important as an organization for us to enlighten members of our community on the very important need to get their voter cards. A very huge number of students in our higher institutions were not qualified voters by the last elections but are now of voting age so we must ensure we sensitize them of their civic duties and encourage them to participate accordingly. Starting this February, we need to hold campaigns throughout the year across our local organizations, both collegiate and city to enlighten Nigerians to go and register to get their PVCs. It is our only way of showing love for our country, Nigeria.

I am fascinated by the activities of the LA18 team (JCI Nigeria Leadership Academy Graduates of 2016), you've shown leadership and true commitment to our vision and mission. Project TAGG is timely and hereby adopted as part of the Citizens in Action project for 2018 to be driven by the LA18 team, Congratulations! 
  • Our Commitment to 1,000 new members in 2018
My dear friends, I urge us to accept the challenge of our growing the numbers for our organization globally. In a country of near 200 Million people, you will agree with me that recruiting and retaining 1,000 new active citizens is very possible if we work hard on it. Every member should commit to introducing at least 2 new members to their local organization or another local organization in the month of February. Think of your old school mate who works in another city, dig up his contact, share with the local organization close to him.

Our National organization through the Directorates of Training, Growth and our National Vice Presidents are available to support us to achieve this objective. I hope to personally reward the best recruiter every quarter of the year. 

In February, I urge us to show love to members of our community. I urge us to show love to each other as members. Let us co-exist as active citizens passionate for change.

I remain your good friend always.



Adeniyi R. BALOGUN
2018 National President
Junior Chamber International, Nigeria
28, John Olugbo Street, Off Mojidi Street, 
Toyin-Ikeja, Lagos, NIGERIA.
+234 806 057 0872

2018 Presidential Theme: Citizens In Action

Visit www.jci.cc to learn how young people
around the world are working to create positive change.


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