JCI Mapoly 1st General Assembly

Jan 28th 2018

...and the sky won't just be your *limit* but your starting point! 
It is no brainier that how far we can go in life is determined by we discovering our limits,  building around it and using it to our advantage in creating a sustainable and long lasting future for ourselves. 
It is not out of place to say that there are some certain limitations that tends to restrain us from exploiting our full potentials, but what is imperative is how we build on our limiting factor, and use it for our uprising. 
At the end of it all, it all boils down to the willingness of the heart to excel beyond all constraints and against all odds and at the same time ensure the effectiveness of such decisive decisions so as not to amount to you over stressing  your luck. 
In the light of the above, JCIN Mapoly invites you to attend her *1st General Assembly which will include a special  training session* which will be anchored by  a Guru and Great trainer by all standards  on the topic: 
*KNOW YOUR LIMIT: Salient tips for effective leadership.* 
*Oluwaseun Robinson* 
2018, JCIN  Director of Training. 
Special Guest: 
*JCIN AMB. Olorunnisola Abiola.* 
2018 JCIN Executive Vice President(Southwest) 
Date: 4th February,2018 
Time : *2pm
Venue : 
*Ogun State Broadcasting Cooperation, ibara housing estate, Abeokuta.* 
Dress code :Strictly formal 
Utmost Regards,
Olabisi Olajumoke Okutoro 
JCIN Mapoly 


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