2019–2023 JCI Strategic Plan

Accelerate Transformation

From broad stakeholder input…

Every five years, an appointed committee evaluates the past and present actions of the organization to plan for an impactful future. The strategic planning process for the 2019–2023 plan started in 2017 with strategic planning forums at international JCI Events and national conventions around the world. A worldwide survey was sent out to gather feedback on the implementation and success of the previous strategic plan, as well as gain insight into stakeholders’ visions for the future of the organization.

…to developing a plan…

The 2017 JCI Board of Directors appointed a 12-member Strategic Planning Committee. The Committee met several times virtually, during the 2017 JCI World Congress in Amsterdam and in early 2018 for a strategic planning retreat at the JCI World Headquarters to finalize the draft plan. After a full year of brainstorming, discussing, interacting, reflecting and evaluating, the Committee drafted the 2019–2023 JCI Strategic Plan using feedback and research from stakeholders. The committee presented the draft plan at each international JCI Event and conducted workshops with JCI members and leaders in preparation for accelerated implementation. At the 2018 JCI World Congress in Goa, India the General Assembly adopted the 2019–2023 JCI Strategic Plan.

…to accelerating transformation toward our goals.

More than ever, JCI must adapt to the needs of young people and create momentum to remain relevant and impactful in our changing world. To be the organization that is home to young changemakers advocating for a better tomorrow in their communities and our world means every JCI stakeholder must align their actions with the five strategies outlined in the 2019–2023 JCI Strategic Plan: Impact, Motivate, Invest, Collaborate and Connect. Over the past 10 years, JCI has laid a strong foundation for youth-led community transformation. We know who we are as an organization and our methodology for creating change. Now, as the world speeds toward the future, JCI too must accelerate our own transformation so that we can be the organization that unites all sectors of society to create sustainable impact.